Post Production Video

Trailer Movie / Recap  (2-5 min ) & Feature movie ( 15 min to 45 min )

Also the Project Folder from Your Editing Platform ( Premier or Final cut )  $400

  •  color correcting of footage
  • multiple camera edits ( no additional cost )
  • style matching
  • audio overlays
  • providing edits from the platform YOU like to edit on ( Final cut or premier )
  • Providing the project folder of each movie ( to allow you as the artist to add a little flare or make easy changes by syncing the project folder to your raw footage with whatever  platform you choose)
  • Edits turn around time is 4 weeks
At See More Edits we understand you are the artist!
We are here to save you, the editor / business owner, countless hours of backend work.
With stunning final products and client input make each movie as unique as each of your clients.
Now with all this time SME has saved, you can use that to do what you love, which is spending that time on your business or family instead of being strapped to an editing desk 🙂