About See More Edits (SME)

See More Edits was founded by Brian Borchers, a very active photography & video studio owner and an industry veteran of 20 years. Brian realized that unless he finds a solution to remedy the countless hours spent on editing the videos, his business growth is limited.

After a long weekend of shooting weddings, he had no choice but to return to the desk the following morning and edit. There was no other option.

Today, See More Edits breaks this poor cycle and provides a strong, fast, and affordable solution for videographers to focus on their business or spend more time with family.

See More Edits is a team of dedicated professional editors that have provided hundreds of edits since conception in 2014.

A dedicated editor is assigned to a client. He then learns about the client’s individual style and mimics it.  The turn around time is 3 weeks or less.

Best of all, the company has invested in an advanced system that eliminates the need to mail hard drives or use DropBox. This unique system is a fast, easy, and secured way of transferring footage.

See More Edits is the leading company in the wedding post-production services industry, proved to improve quality of life and business growth.

Please send us an email or call and we would be delighted to share different samples of our last edits. We are proud and happy to be part of your team!