SME is all about letting go!

For one low fee, you can submit events to us for color correction & editing. In addition, you get a host of other value-added services that make this offer indispensable for you and your business. This is truly a no-brainer for your business.

Time is money, why waste your time sitting behind a computer screen for hours upon hours. Let SME be your outsourcing partner and handle this tedious task for you, so you can spend more time shooting, marketing, and most importantly, get back to your family!

 All for only $350

For each project you will receive:

  • Trailer mp4 / Recap movie – with choice of 2 – 10 minute length
  • Feature Movie mp4 – with choice of 10 – 90 minute length
  • Studio’s editing platform ( Final cut / premier  ) project folder ( to synch and make quick artistic changes to edit )
  • Multiple camera footages / unlimited footage taken

Cleaned Raw footage ( all cameras synced, put in order, made into mp4 for raw clients – $150 )

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